List Of Best Kratom Potentiators

No matter how long you have used Kratom products, the bottom line is you are searching for potency in the commodity. Being that Kratom is all-natural, it blends in seamlessly with natural spices and herbs which not only add to the many benefits of the product but also gives it a boost to make the effects last longer.

These potentiators include:


Turmeric is a must-have in all Indian kitchens, and other people appreciate its usefulness too. Apart from giving food a vibrant yellow colour and adding a glow to the facial skin, this spice when added to Kratom powder will help it last longer.


Grapefruit juice enhances the taste of Kratom powder when mixed, though some users prefer taking the powder alone and then drinking some juice immediately after. It produces long-lasting effects of the powder, and it is such an excellent potentiator that even chewing its peel will result in a similar effect.

Cayenne paper

Another favorite spice for those who love spicy food. It is a detoxifier and cleanser, and adding it to dry Kratom powder boosts the strengths of the powder. Small doses are enough to give Kratom a significant spike, but if you can stand extremely spicy foods, then higher doses are for you.


Those Kratom users who love vegetables can use watercress to potentiate their drink. The aquatic plant contains minerals which combine well with the alkaloids in Kratom to enable your dose last longer.


Almost everyone loves waking up to a freshly brewed pot of coffee to kick-start their day. Imagine mixing the caffeine with some Kratom powder and the outcome is a burst of high energy and focus levels. Besides coffee, tea has loads of caffeine to boost the energy levels while increasing the potency of Kratom. A nice feature about these drinks is that you can add some honey to enhance the flavour.

Valerian root

This plant is useful for insomnia patients and anyone suffering anxiety attacks. It helps in relaxation, and when mixed with Kratom which has similar properties in small doses, you can relax quickly, and sleep comes naturally.

How do potentiators work?

The goal of potentiators is to make the effects last longer. They work by slowing down the metabolism of enzyme cytochrome P450, which is behind the breakdown and expulsion of Kratom alkaloids when you introduce them to your system. Once slowed down, potentiators can make the Kratom last longer in the body.

How to take potentiators

Most users ingest the potentiators concurrently with Kratom. However, it is advisable to consume the potentiator around 45 minutes before to increase the effectiveness of the strain. Using one potentiator is enough to give desired effects and taking more will not enhance the experience.


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